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Building Resilience
in People.
Supporting Brilliance
in Schools
About Us
Peoplemaking's Education and Training Consultancy provides schools and leaders with expertise and guidance for individual and organisational improvement.
We offer a range of specialist services and tailor support to help you get to where you want to go.
Brian Phelps- Founder



We think differently.

Schools can be tough environments to work in, they can

be stifled by systemic constraints and external pressures. 

So our approach is to be versatile, thoughtful and dynamic,

creating the right conditions to facilitate support and change.

 Our purpose is to provide clarity and realism to help

navigate and empower the people we work alongside.

We are Peoplemaking.



"We cannot solve the problems of today,

 with the same level of thinking that created them"

Albert Einstein

Our Services
What people say



"the diagnostic has moved the whole school forward. It has given clarity to our approaches and helped us identify what our priorities need to be. We believe we have made significant cost savings from analysing our structure and provision properly with this process."


Interim Head

"thank you, the support you have given us has been transformational. We were far too close to our organisation to see how our support structure was working for us, we were focusing on the wrong areas. Wish we had worked with you earlier."


Executive Head 

"I am now able to think more strategically with this approach. We have become more efficient, have better outcomes and feel like we can now be proactive and not reactive all the time. Staff empowered- thanks"

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