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by Anne Roberts
​Behaviour Masterclass
Level One
The legal aspects of Intervention
What to do when they lose it
Keeping calm in the face of escalating behaviour
Knowing when to intervene
About this Masterclass
Everyone working in schools can expect to encounter students whose behaviour can escalate to a point where they lose control. There are theories around changes to experience of childhood that may be contributing to this, including a reduction in communication skills, which can lead to high levels of frustration.
Nationally there are concerns around increasing numbers of exclusions and the failure of services to meet the mental health needs of young people. Students of all ages are reporting difficulties with managing their anger, and staff are dealing with an increasing range of complex behaviours.
This course is all about developing strategies and skills to respond to those challenging behaviours. There is an emphasis on de-escalation throughout. This course is concerned primarily with safety, and is designed to raise the confidence of participants by giving them the understanding of how and when to intervene.
The situations where restraint might be used will be discussed and explored and the legal side of intervention will be covered.
What you will learn.
  • Understanding the stages of losing control
  • De-personalising and detaching from incidents
  • Verbal and physical de-escalation
  • Coping with your own anxiety.
  • Confidence in staying safe when responding to behaviour incidents
  • The Legal aspects of Intervention
  • Knowing when to intervene
Who should attend?
  • Class Teachers or Tutors
  • Pastoral Support Workers
  • Heads of Year or Heads of House
  • Inclusion Leads or SENCOs
  • or anyone directly working alongside young people.
                          About the Trainer- Anne Roberts
Anne has 35 years education experience and taught in a range
of secondary schools and held a number of leadership and
support roles, specialising in Behaviour management.
Currently she is the lead Support and Training Practitioner at a
Pupil Referral Unit in South-West London. 
Anne is a qualified Restraint Trainer accredited under BILD,
and delivers training on de-escalation and safe intervention
for all school staff.
Teacher woman in stress or depression at
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