Mental Health and Well-Being
Creating the right processess
to meet the needs of today

Government Green Paper and OFSTED


The Government Mental Health Green Paper has been jointly prepared by the Department of Education and Health in December 2017. It looks at evidence that supports the need for action due to the prevalence of mental health issues in young people.

The Paper recognises that Schools are at the front line of support, stating "Consideration will be given as to how Ofsted inspections can be a force for improvement, in particular supporting the mental health and well being of pupils".

A greater focus is approaching..


Pastoral and SEN systems have often been shaped by fashion and past events- they have evolved over time. With the significant increase in pupils with additional needs, many school support systems will not be sustainable. Interventions can lack supportive

evidence and clarity, leading to staff inefficiencies and increased costs. 

Our unique approach is designed to support schools to adapt and align themselves to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. Peoplemaking recognises that each individual school is different and tailors support to the school context.


What we do

We complete an in depth analysis of your current structure of Pastoral support. The result of the analysis builds upon the strengths of your provision but also identifies potential gaps and weaknesses. It helps school leaders to understand the key areas to prioritise and how best to deploy resources.


We focus on crucial organisational outcomes. These outcomes identify the robustness and scale of the provision in order to cope with the changing landscape and increasing demand. 

How we can help your school


The right structure with evidenced approaches creates:

Student centered Pastoral Support

Robust systems open for scrutiny 

 Organisational clarity

Improved efficiency

Empowered staff

Enhanced capacity

 Develops staff autonomy and ownership

Increased whole school responsibility

Raised outcomes for students

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