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Attachment and Resilience Masterclass
"A young person isn't a container you fill up,
but a torch you have to light up"
About this Masterclass
Why is it that some children are able to bounce back from adversity, they just seem to be able to overcome obstacles and set backs with ease. This phenomenon does not just  happen, there are key bio-social factors that underpin the capacity for Resilience.
Resilience is a key indicator to how a young person might respond when faced with a stressful situation. Too often we are managing the Symptoms of low Resilience rather than proactively working at the Cause' and building the supportive blocks that underpin a young persons capacity to cope and thrive.
We are facing a Mental health crisis where support agencies are under resourced and no longer fit to meet the needs of today. Schools are at the front line of providing support but unfortuantely facing funding and resource constraints. This course demonstrates how schools and individuals can refine and develop their approach in how they work with young people.   
What you will learn.
  • A clear overview of what Resilience really is and the theory that supports it.
  • What the four key resilience pillars are, and how they can equip a young person.
  • How schools and parents can easily introduce Resilience concepts 
  • Work more proactively with students to support Mental Health and Well-Being.
  • Discover and create Solution based actions of support.
Who should attend?
  • Class Teachers or Tutors
  • Parents/carers
  • Pastoral Support Workers
  • Heads of Year or Heads of House
  • Inclusion Leads or SENCOs
  • or anyone directly working alongside young people.
To find out more please contact us below
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