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Time to change how we think about supporting young people

With well-being and mental health issues significantly increasing, support services find themselves overburdened, lacking resources and questionably no longer fit for purpose. Our current approach seems to focus on the symptoms and not the causes, perpetuating the problem.

If we want to create independent resourceful young people we need to ‘enable, and not ‘rescue them from some of the challenges that life throws in their direction. If we constantly 'step-in' we can reduce their resilience and create an even greater risk when faced with a future adversity. Of course we want to keep our children safe and give guidance, but not to a point of creating learnt helplessness which can lead to a lack of self-belief and looking for someone else to solve our problems.

The focus of approach to mental health services seems to be reactive, rather than proactive. There are some great highly skilled professionals who are dedicated in making a difference for young people but the current model of support is wrong.

It is time to change how we support young people.

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